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  The Hengyuan unceasing battles, and make life flash

【★Meiyueyixing ★】

Demonstrate the spirit of the backbone of the struggle ever since Gonggeng Hengyuan Bode shining youth

              - Remember "Meiyueyixing" polypropylene plant Peng Kai-yong

    Mr. Lu Xun once said: "We have since ancient times, there are hardworking people who are desperately hard dry, there are people who plead, there is law and those who seek his life ... ... This is the backbone of China." While in constant source of this piece of land, but also everywhere shine with such a "backbone" spirit. In the PP workshop, there will be one with the "backbone" that the spirit of Meiyu Jian always reveals a resolute young man of sound, he said: "I am a Hengyuan, I must be action to practice my duty. "stick with his commitment to this conviction and ten years on end, in the ordinary posts tirelessly struggle silently, without complaint or regret to offer the youth. He is the leader of Team polypropylene plant - Peng Jie-yong.

Growth of the trace

    Peng Jie-Yong, secondary education, in 1997 graduated from the Police Academy, Shandong Province, mechanical and electrical technical expertise. In March 1999 into the plant, in June 2001 has served as squad leader to run classes.

    Work, he has repeatedly won the company's "advanced worker", "Status pacesetter" title; in September 2006 to participate in the "Golden blue collar" study and training with excellent results obtained Provincial Labor and Social Security issued by the Office of Vocational Skill Testing Center of " 2 Technicians vocational qualification certificate "; he led the teams and groups has been awarded workshop" outstanding teams and groups "title.

Heart of tackling

    Past decade, Peng Jie-yong assiduous, unremitting struggle, along with plant development and growth, his apprentice from the initial one, a step by step grow into professionals in the field of polypropylene. Regardless of severe cold and heat, or rain and snow wreak havoc, he is always cautious and conscientious, selfless work, has always maintained a meticulous work of enterprising spirit, and always mind the hard-working and willing to sacrifice enthusiasm for work.

    In August 2005, in the case of stable quality of raw materials, 3 #, 4 # polymerizer reaction there is often not the phenomenon of the exclusion of polymerizer seal leaking after a number of reasons, but the delay can not find the crux of the problem. Peng Jie-yong this anxiety - he Yitang Tang went to check on the kettle process carefully to see polymerizer various parts of the diary repeatedly measured. With summer here, outside, heat waves rolling in, installation of the scene is scorching heat waves, but he was at the scene to be a one or two hours to return to operating room is often sweating. "Hard work pays off," Peng Jie-yong's efforts have not been in vain, he finally found the reason: leakage within the valve activator. The workshop leader in test confirmed that really so! When the problem is resolved, the reaction completely normal that moment, his days Jincu last stretch of the brow, and his face showing a smile ... ...

Do not insult trip

Peng Jie-yong always remind ourselves: "As a Hengyuan people, especially as a squad leader, not only to the strict demands on themselves, but also need to understand the overall situation!" He was saying, and it is to do so.

    In September 2004 and March 2007, he has rushed to follow the leadership workshop Jingbo Petrochemical, Sichuan stone up to assist the polypropylene plant and other enterprises to open production, were successfully produced a one-time opening. Especially when you first arrived in Sichuan, due to lack of acclimatization, he appeared in poor appetite, mental fatigue, abdominal distension and discomfort, the body is very uncomfortable, but he did not answer, but does not require rest, but to drum up the energy quickly put to work in the . Because he knows that in any case, but also the overall situation, must not be lost Hengyuan's face! As a technical guidance, he was always humble professor, attention to detail. He asked in detail about the working conditions of local workers, strict inspection every process of production problems are discovered in time to help local workers to correct address. He and fellow officers in the joint efforts, in just over 20 days on the Sichuan stone out of the company's total production of qualified products. Looking at the white polypropylene powder, Peng Jie-yong's face happy smile ... ...

Zili soldiers can be

    Set an example, strict management, approachable, is the work of Peng Jie-yong salient features. As a group of long, he knew his task, in his own words: "a united effort to bring out high-quality team, was a squad leader should have the most basic conservation." Remarks, explaining that he love and dedication to work.

    Class, large and small things, in particular, such as tank clean-Qing, Lei Huo, he is always first to the front, doing the best Qijin Er. With his bones that kind of tenacity and perseverance, he obstinately under the leadership teams and groups ate a lot of hard row to the "tasks"; his self-discipline, and strict demands on the members of teams and groups do a good job bit by bit; he manages fine-grained, and In the series of management activities within teams and groups to instill awareness of quality and safety in mind each and every one crew; He is a good idea to communicate with the crew, the timely processing of employee mood swings.

    Under his leadership, he has been for several years where the workshop teams and groups as "advanced teams and groups," harmony and unity among members of teams and groups, through thick and thin, help one another, forming a positive and progressive, and exert ourselves a good atmosphere, but also led to other the harmonious development of teams and groups.

    This is Peng Kai-yong, one has a "spiritual backbone" of the ordinary squad leader, he rooted Hengyuan to the heart of devotion for the enterprise contribute to the their own strength. He always stick with their beliefs and commitments, in Hengyuan sway with the warm land of sweat, burning bright youth. "The road will be long Xi, Wu Jiang from top to bottom and explorations" in the future, life on the road, he was still struggling to move forward, in order to Hengyuan tried their very best!

【Shandong Hengyuan Petrochemical Group, the Propaganda Department to provide】