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  Decades of hard work, willing to work hard

【★Meiyueyixing ★】

With decades of silent clouds chasing moon heart willing to try hard to do with loyalty OK

- Remember "Meiyueyixing" three catalytic workshop LIU Wei-guo

  10 years ago, he was young, and more than 40 students came together Hengyuan, relying on a tall tower and dense stands of the refining of the pipeline, he began to build a dream haven, an ideal vessel sailing; more than a dozen years later, in the two sets of catalytic cracking unit fought, he had become experts in a Dudangyimian. He is three catalytic plant security officers LIU Wei-guo. In 1996 graduated from the Shandong Agricultural University, economic and trade professionals, the company assigned to Texas after graduating from the economic cadre, and the victory of Qilu Petrochemical refinery refining techniques to study in 1997 involved a 20 million ton / year re-reminder device and start the construction, from opened Flying a dream of his dedication Hengyuan chapter in the red.

    As the saying goes, 隔行如隔山. Originally a trade he learned from the refinery to do difficult, not only for the equipment structure, chemical theory and knowledge map from scratch, learn the necessary knowledge, but also clarify that each dense pipeline, but he did not cowardice, but threw himself into to work. Scorching sun in summer, when someone breaks Hou, he repeatedly and investigation processes, drilling towers, often a day down the whole body of the aircraft, like astigmatism, but he never calls out the pain of tired and did not call out; and even late at night would also like to check drawings, taking notes . Inf, admit defeat with his spirit and that kind of full of energy, just three months time, he not only familiar with the device on-site process, master indoor operation points, also was the first of a new employee to reach Independent operational level.

    Due to study, work, outstanding performance, he has been appointed as the stability of the main parade re-reminders workshop, the reaction the main parade, squad leader. In-band class during his colleagues in the class as their brothers and sisters, doubly concerned about the care and always put safety as their primary responsibility for the production, asking everyone to "wear overalls to work, to go out wearing helmets, working gloves "habit. He insisted on innovation and management of production safety teams and groups, so team management in the innovation gradually standardized, in the specification to maturity, and formed a "safety first, Yan thin solid pipe" feature of teams and groups. He was attracted to the same pre-service employees, job talk, Kong the next pledge allegiance to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of everyone's job, so that employees of enterprises with the sincerity, the development of this confidence to work with the sense of responsibility, so that teams and groups to form a strong team. He led workshops for five consecutive years of teams and groups as an advanced teams and groups in 2005, was named Dezhou advanced teams and groups that he personally awarded several times advanced workers, job pacesetter such title, in 2006 was appointed as the most important reminders workshop Safety Officer.

    By the end of May 2008, he was transferred to the work of three catalytic workshop, when three catalytic devices have been installed in place, scheduled for June first attempt to drive. The face of hundreds of devices, an unfamiliar section of the pipeline, he was again in order to enrich the spirit of energy and admit defeat even more difficult to meet the challenge. As soon as possible of the device characteristics and new production techniques, the operation of the stage three reminder devices, platforms, from top to bottom, inside and outside the towers everywhere busy to leave his thin figure, clothes soaked in sweat again and again, exhausted by time and time again will disperse and Also quietly hit, but he did not flinch. Since the June 4 three catalytic ignition has started, he always stare at the start site, repeatedly and inspection equipment operation, together with the workshop leaders discuss problems encountered in the process started and to propose solutions. As the days and nights kept busy, his eyes bloodshot red, lips through out the fire, feet grind the bubble, to be led on several occasions "ordered" to rest, but he was only a slight squint a little chair, will be Even if children slept, quietly returned to the scene to continue working. Supervision office director Yang to three catalytic workshop was recorded, just see his red, bloodshot eyes, busy as he was sent to eye drops.

    In the three catalysts, due to new technology, equipment and more complex processes, installation is inevitable in the design and construction of the existence of various problems, as a safety inspector, who on the one hand it is actively assisting the safety of tribal reminder of the work of three deployment, on the other and continue to respect Science, implementing innovative use of technical innovation to promote safe work. Which he designed and put into operation the auspices of the "pot, Sheung Shui, I open loop" project to eliminate downtime in the open pan process of economizer I super-pressure hot water system security risks. July 17, 2009 the night it began to rain, with rain bigger, he's exceptionally good accident alert to advise the teams and groups envisioned and requested that do a specific division of labor and responsibility to the people, he himself time and again the rain to the scene check the operational status of equipment. 4:47, the three crew shut down due to a sudden electrical grounding, which is open three catalytic capacity for the first time since the encounter, his calm manner in accordance with the command you plan to deal with the accident - to vote to protect themselves cut material, check the movements of self-protection , on-site hand-off valve, so prepare machine boot preparation, and orderly. 5:06 prepare a smooth boot machine, to prepare machines 5:20 into the system. , And the wind in the process of pressure-blower, he accurately determine: Instrumentation inlet valve failure caused by a one-way group of Nepalese and guide the instrument into the scene work, the whole process in just half an hour to resume production once again won the time. "Remain vigilant to make plans for the accident" This kind of thought in the accident shut down three units played an important role, the whole process without any human errors and delays, and even product quality are not affected, in order to achieve the to minimize the loss of accidents has built a strong line of defense.

    Whether at any time, any person to contempt, and there is no excuse for squandering the lives of themselves or others. Safe work focuses on prevention, does not produce direct economic benefits, but the security has been playing to defend the free enterprise in order to replace an important role. The Hengyuan Petrochemical powerful escort team, LIU Wei-guo comrades called "good escort staff."

    Lin Lian tower, pump roar, more than a dozen spring and quietly dies, there is no rhetoric, only took the lead in practices what it preaches, he was still determination to guard our common cause.


【Shandong Hengyuan Petrochemical Group, the Propaganda Department to provide】