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  Leaders of ICBC paid a field visit to the SRC project

Leaders of ICBC paid a field visit to the SRC project

On 18th Aug 2016, leaders of ICBC head office and ICBC Malaysia Co. Ltd visited the operating plant and the dock of Shell Malaysia refinery Co. Ltd in the field, companied by Wang Youde, the president of Hengyuan Petrochemical Co. Ltd, and Wang Zongquan, the vice president and chief engineer of Hengyuan Petrochemical Co. Ltd.  ICBC leaders and legal experts commented on the scales and the current running situation of SRC in a more intuitional and objective way. They evaluated that the SRC was an excellent commercial partner worthy trust and deeper cooperation while giving their complement on the success of this merger and stating that the next step of their work is to speed up the financial schedule to promote concerning sections.

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