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  The three forms of enterprise

The three forms of enterprise: Refining-chemical integration; security standardization, relation simplification

Refining-chemical integration means to expand refining scale, extend chemical product chain and emphasize on the development of fine chemistry by relying on scientific research institutions to develop chemical products with high tech contents and high added-value.

Security standardization: Hengyuan passed provincial level security standard assessment and inspection and became a provincial level enterprise which reached security standardization on December 2nd, 2007, allowing us to enjoy preferential policies in safe production license, security risk fund, loans and project approval. It also established a good external image and improve the quality of our company.

Simplified relation means to eliminate complicated latent rules and insist on work principles. Wang Youde once put forward an idea of simplified interpersonal relation in 2004. He said, “The current market economy pursues speed and efficiency regardless of leader-member relation. The best method to reach such goal is to simplify all the relations and delete unnecessary intermediate links, especially complicated interpersonal relation and vulgar leader-member relation. We cannot change the society. But we can establish a simple, loose and harmonious environment within Hengyuan to let all the staff concentrate on their own work.” He pointed out that top and intermediate managers could not accept the entertainment, visit and gifts from subordinates, otherwise they would be punished severely. We should eliminate complicated latent rules to relieve the mental and economic burden of subordinates and ordinary employees. Leaders of enterprise, especially state-owned enterprise, must insist on principles, be scrupulous in separating public from private interests, otherwise enterprise cannot be managed well. Then employees cannot work well. Leaders even cannot be respected by employees.