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  Talent ideas

Talent ideas: with both political integrity and professional competence; morality-oriented; gather talented people and respect them as far as possible; talented people will have corresponding position in the company (Pay attention to morality, emphasize on talents and give them position, i.e. morality + talent = position)

Talents are basic guarantee of continuous progress of Hengyuan. Talent ideas of Hengyuan are reflected in our value pursuance in talent selection and utilization. Our employees shall have basic moral quality and the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. They shall be diligent in thinking, working practically, cooperate actively and keep healthy both mentally and physically. Our standards of talent selection are more scientific with wider source. As long as we meet the requirements of our company, you will be invited to join our team. As long as you are competent, you will have corresponding position and be promoted based on outstanding ability and contributions.