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  Quality policies

Quality policies: all staff participation, management strengthening, continuous improvement and continuous refining

All staff participation: Quality reflects all the steps of each department of our company, which involves all the staff of our company. All the staff shall establish an idea of “quality-first” so that everyone cares about quality and takes part in quality control. We shall have strict requirements on ourselves to improve product quality to a new level.

Management strengthening: Product quality shall be controlled by managers, which depends on the management level of managers, so each level of managers shall pay attention to the inspection and control on the site. Product quality shall be guaranteed by prevention and control during production. Everyone shall take part in quality control to make sure every step meets quality standards. Quality control shall be standardized and systematized to improve the product quality of Hengyuan comprehensively.

Continuous improvement: Scientific planning, strict implementation, careful inspection and timely correction shall be made based on the demands of customers to avoid repeated occurrence of the same mistake. Continuous improvement can reduce behaviors breaking quality standards and improve quality assessment index continuously to improve customer satisfaction.

Keep refining: Quality represents the credit of an enterprise, which is the key of survival and development of an enterprise. Therefore, we must carry out quality control system and management procedures strictly, pay attention to quality education of employees, organize various quality management and technical training among them to realize systematic and long-term quality control. We shall pay attention to tiny things to pursue perfect and complete product quality.