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  China's crude oil refinery 9% this year will be manufactured

China's largest oil company of China petroleum and natural gas Co., ltd., an official said recently, because of domestic demand, China will increase the oil refinery of this year's biggest oil manufactured 9% than last year.

China's largest oil refinery dalian oil refinery refused to name a name of this year, officials say the oil refinery dalian manufactured will increase to 1750 tons or 35 million barrels per day. Petrochina's parent company of China national petroleum corporation in January this year, said the oil refinery in dalian in 2009, had reached manufactured record 1603 tons.

Dalian oil refinery in processing capacity of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in August, in order to satisfy the demand during the extra fuel have doubled, reached the 2050 tons. The official said, the fourth quarter this year in dalian refiners to 4.5 million tons of crude oil processing.