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  Hundreds of ship in the water to dare first A sincere heart shining on the hengyuan

Hundreds of ship in the water to dare first

A sincere heart shining on the hengyuan

——“star of month” Qc department XuYong

In qc you can see the figure of a busy at each position between instruments. Short five years, he is from one of the most fundamental lab technicians, starts with own wisdom gives a person to cause, for example, with enthusiasm for companies to move the emotion... With practical action to write a new era of college students, he is beautiful youth XuYong maintainer vice-financial control technology.

XuYong graduated from Qingdao, 2004 in visual communication design institute of binhai new professional, New year 2006 to apply for my company to enter the qc laboratory work in. XuYong know everyone says he is a director who is willing to study diligently, appearing a obstinate, results-driven drive. He got to work, clear and distinct, Difficult problem for more observant, monarchs alone, and finally can always find the best way to solve the problem. Five years working experience in the XuYong manifests eight characters are capable, attentive, dare, dry and perseverance.

Since 2006 XuYong incoming qc assigned to the beginning, easy-going him not to students, despite loftiness arrogant young people often blundering from scratch, the modestly study master, master skill tests, the time of half an year is mastered the operating techniques of the chromatographic.

Currently qc for laboratory analysis instruments, many hundreds of sets of equipment operation and maintenance is meticulous and hard work, equipment undertakes operating occasionally appear such problems. Many times, instrument malfunction, information feedback to our factory, the manufacturer sent over time, often need to normal days of laboratory analysis bring a lot of inconvenience. In 2008, the laboratory for diesel purchased a nitrogen content analysis of TN - 2000, I always type analyzer don't appear, cause analysis of phenomena and the manufacturer has second bearer didn't also can solve. Supervises production equipment, open a nasty leaders in heart. Facing this thorny problems in operation, the team XuYong, in normal analysis of work, for days in instrument, often at home after work is not installed, reagent, driving, check gas path, like a spider web lines in a bit of grate on, with a ZuanJin in a package of ozone generator outlet found a tiny cracks, the crack is the key problem is too fine cracks, all people have neglected, but could not escape XuYong.none of. We take this case soon after the manufacturer to inform, solved the problem of long troubled, instruments, effectively ensuring the smooth operation of the laboratory analysis work smoothly. XuYong this spontaneous actions under the leadership of the room got praise, but also improve the quality management for qc work provides a revelation: establish a xinlingshouqiao, skillful hand comprehensive specialized to make, and XuYong instrument maintenance will be the most suitable person.

Do a good shop repair technician overnight can do, understand instrument performance, should first learn how to understand each item analysis. In order to XuYong personal development, qc let XuYong in every position further exercise learning, he also expectations, steadfast, thinking, from the analysis of the organic and inorganic to work diligently, in practice, the spare time is learning assay theoretical basis, in a very short time mastered all of laboratory XuYong operation skills and become an expert in your worthy of the laboratory.

In 2009 company to deal with production license and busy work, To the work of the need for a daytime job,  XuYong  help arrangement information and check the instrument. Facing the new equipment, Others feel helpless, but left XuYong into, he actively cooperate with the leadership in the work overtime, under the leadership of the departments under the impetus advance smoothly through unity and cooperation, the acceptance tests part.

With the development of the company, and the great strides toward fine chemical products, Products kind is diversiform, in order to establish a set of convenient and practical, perfect unity of close to the standard operation procedures, and other manufacturers in the experimental methods, laboratory established technology photograph unified XuYong group, to become a member of the youngest, and the standards of gasoline is an important content. 2009 lab for analysis was introduced two oxygen content in petrol and benzene high-end chromatographic analyzer, software adopted employees not familiar with the island's separate GC, daojin company own control systems. To make it easier to make a quick grasp this position staff for the operation of equipment, the original design work XuYong application software, knowledge of each interface, screenshots, layout to operating procedures, make originally indecipherable procedures, becomes vivid and easy to master. And the understanding of software, the original batch files and documents for a unified integrated analysis method of original documents, change after analysis of samples with results cannot be directly, the need for the batch file work, instead of a second after the completion of the automatic analysis results, reduces the operation of trival, improve the working efficiency.

Gasoline octane machine relatively expensive, my company is the determination of gasoline octane scientific determination to jinan, once thousands of yuan and against the products of our company. 2009 company took a large amount of money bought octane machine, November he was sent to Shanghai learning for the operation of equipment, became the octane rating for the first laboratory analysis of complex, the most expensive instruments, the operation of the technical personnel.

Lotic brave, Hundreds of ship in the water to dare first. A sincere heart, youth lofty casting hengyuan. XuYong believe in the future life journey, with his personality, excellent quality and exquisite techniques can out of a new world.