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  NDRC cut across the petroleum products prices

Since may enter the international oil prices for three weeks, continue, with the international price declines continuously, from the highest oil rate is rapid decline 6%, more than half a month of domestic oil prices rise theory on May 17, window closed off quietly.

In the current oil price places near $70 per barrel, if the price, so keep on May 30, closing down continuously, oil rate below - 4%, oil price cuts the theoretical conditions to satisfy.

At the end of April, domestic oil prices rise again after the expected promote, petrochina, sinopec corporation to push the high oil prices wholesale. Sinopec related principals even openly said "has to submit your application development, suggested retail price increase oil."

Cut prices in the domestic market expectations of current is very strong, International oil price slump with the delay between the price of oil and the stark contrast to the domestic consumer doubts. The price is expected to drop out, or just a question of time.

International prices for future trends, short-term inside look still is pessimistic, European debt crisis and Goldman sachs research, in international oil prices, short-term dark shadows are unlikely to rebound sharply, international oil prices will continue to remain at or below, then continuously oil rate it will be - 4% this month or early next month, in international oil prices tumbled so serious, domestic inflation, under the situation of value that oil prices drop out.