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  PetroChina crude oil production steady at 100 million tons in 2009

PetroChina crude oil production steady at 100 million tons in 2009

March 26, After a performance report issued, the PetroChina issued a "Sustainability Report" of 2009 annual. This is the fourth consecutive year that PetroChina report the efforts and exploration to fulfill the economic, environmental and to social responsibility for the community.

The report indicates that in 2009, face to the serious impact by international financial crisis, PetroChina brave difficulties, seek opportunities from risk, the size of the strength and energy supply security ability enhance continuously. Domestic reserves of oil and gas exploration entered a new growth peak, domestic crude oil production levels steady at 100 million tons and natural gas production in the 7th consecutive year to maintain 10% or more rapid growth. Formed a number of oil refining, ethylene base and characteristics of petrochemical enterprises. Oil and gas corridors made significant progress, covering the backbone pipeline network of the country's oil and diversification supply security system is taking shape.

"Report" bring out, Company's 2009 sales make a leap forward in its development, refined oil supply share around 40% of the gross domestic; overseas oil and gas business into the scale development phase, oil and gas cooperation area is expanding.