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  Hard work sway blood Selfless dedication and write a magnificent life

Hard work sway blood   

Selfless dedication and write a magnificent life

——“star of month” Heavy Traffic- atmospheric pressure workshop Wang Fenghua

Wang Fenghua, in October 1992 into the hengyuan, Now acting as equipment member of the Heavy Traffic- atmospheric pressure workshop. During the eighteen years of hengyuan, he has always been hard working, down to earth, love and dedication, solid work hard working style and full of high enthusiasm quietly dedicate for the development of Hengyuan petrochemical.

In 2004, the demands of the job, he was transferred to the heavy traffic department, and in charge of preparation the 1 million tons / year heavy traffic asphalt project. On the job, he carefully look up to the design drawings, found that "Furnace Fuel System" design is not quite rational, because it can only be use reduce viscosity oil as fuel. According to the characteristics of crude oil processing unit, if only open atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit, not open visbreaking, they do not produce less viscous oil as fuel oil, that will be caused the fuel system can not be properly put into use. After discover the problems, he actively put forth to find ways and bring up reform programs, After though the agreement by leader of project department, designed a new device-independent production of fuel system solutions, and in close cooperation with the construction team, complete the installation and testing of the entire system excellently, that laid a solid opening foundation for the smooth asphalt production of 1 million tons / year project

 In  August  in the same year, During     the opening of 1 million tons / year heavy traffic asphalt device, Wang Fenghua also as a main of " heavy traffic asphalt Commandos start ", five days and five nights consecutive, room and board in the company, and use his valuable experience in the project department, For the problems encountered in the process of opening production, part in decision-making actively, to develop response measures to optimize process operation, and real-time adjustment of operating parameters, thereby ensure 1 million tons / year heavy traffic asphalt project open smoothly, and created 2 records that the shortest time to open a successful in the same type of device of national, and fastest output of qualified products.

In March 2007, Atmospheric pressure workshop to tie in with the construction of 80 million ton / year cracker and carried on technological transformation - removal of 200,000 tons / year atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit, relocation part of 300,000 tons / year atmospheric pressure device cold exchange equipment, and to new a 450,000 tons / year gas sweetening unit and a set of 50 million ton / year wastewater stripping unit on site after the dismantling and relocation. To the maximum extent to save material costs, He, as the leader of demolition part, work out a detailed implementation plan before the demolition, actively coordinating construction team, every day stare scene. Whether the demolition of the old pipeline or the direction of new pipeline, all carefully confirmed, and must take no chances. And during the construction, he is also according to the actual situation in the project, made a lot of rationalization proposals, which not only to shorten the construction time, and save money for our company, so that made the convergence devices more reasonable, complete the old device removed, relocation of cold equipment and new installations safe and efficient docking quality and quantity.

In March 2008, the 45 million ton / year gas sweetening unit and 50 million ton / year wastewater stripping unit which supporting launched in the 80 million ton / year cracker quickly new project soon put into operation, he was based on the idea of early preparation, early intervention, early implementation, and preparation a detailed program in advance. Each instrument control valve were set in place, each of the main pipe is an indication of the flow of media, such a thoughtful and careful preparation to ensure the safety and feasibility of operation. In the same year in May, two units faces to opening, Wang Fenghua setting an example, assuming heavy burdens, in accordance with start program and do with good technical implementation, tasks implementation, ensure all open-producing intense but orderly work, by he and all staff of his workshop joint efforts, two units opening successful one-off.

After 450,000 tons / year gas sweetening unit running a year, due to the quality of catalyst, cause the unstable operation of unit and the low passing rate of gasoline, thereby affecting product sales, so the company decided to carry out technological transformation. In September 2009, during the transformation process, Wang Fenghua is responsible for equipment management, before construction he overcome the difficulties, complete data collection work in advance, and Rational use of materials, utilize old and discarded, multiple running yard, strive to achieve the smallest input of item transformation, the longest operation cycle of plant equipment.

In October 2009, received an urgent notice by company, calls for 30 million ton / year atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit open as soon as possible. At that time, the unit has been idle for more than one year, There are many device defects and equipment hidden dangers, he face the circumstances that multi-Maintenance Project, content complex, large amount of construction operations, mission focused and shorter repair time, use the work experience of many years, combined with the actual work to develop a reasonable maintenance programs, and propose specific requirements. In the overhaul, he take the lead, containers inside and outside, to overcome the difficulties one by one, to solve problems one by one , to ensure the smooth opening of the unit.

Life is limited and devotion is endless, On the job, Wang Fenghua dare to explore, good at thinking, not afraid of difficulties and to meet challenge one by one, and withstood the test time and time again, relying on his own tireless efforts and hard work, made a brilliant job performance, has won the trust and praise of cadres and the masses, for his loved Hengyuan, he have a clear conscience to say that he has strived, and struggled ... ...