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  treasured sword depends on grind to keep sharp passionate young life flash star

treasured sword depends on grind to keep sharp

passionate young life flash star

——“star of month”General Manager's Office LiYongLiang

Everyone had been hesitated and Depressed before life, but because we are younger so we believe that any bumpy is just the scenery to the success, so we bravely forward, singing all the way toward success. He is such a young man, coming from Information Center of the General Manager's Office, Li Yong-liang, who do not bow before any difficulties ,the sharpening work make him like a bright rising star.

Li Yong Liang graduated from Jilin Agricultural University, Computer Department. He is a calm person, and the experience of leader positions at the university made him more mature. After graduation, he came to this strange city which long distances form his home, then enter into the HuangMing solar through the candidate, in charge of solar energy technology development and Technology Department's network maintenance. Two years work experience, make him from an ignorant student into a mature technology workers, he gained through his efforts to engineer certificate  during this period.

Later, In order to balance family and work and do not to give up his own professional and dreams, in 2006, the sun shining that summer, he met Hengyuan. In retrospect, he has been very happy with his choice.

Engaged in information work, which is his dreaming job, even though information Center's work is very trivial, but he quickly adapted to the job rely on his solid knowledge of reserves. He immediately went to the scene to resolve as long as a phone whichever sectors of network is in trouble. From this office to that office, a room of this workshop to that plant operating room, his busy presence left every corner of HengYuan. Later, the leaders Equipped with a bicycle for him, that make him incredibly happy, because it can greatly improve work efficiency. On the job, he treat the company as a "second home", in order to solve the problem as quickly as possible,

Ensure the productive sectors are not affected, Overtime is a common thing. some times, Loadometer got into network problems in the middle of the night, when received a leadership call, he said nothing and immediately rushed to the scene for debugging.

In mid-2007, the company installed a new monitoring equipment, maintenance mission of the equipment also fall on his shoulder. In order to studying and understanding of the system better, he learned to technical personnel humbly, and soon find out the system operating mode. Because the monitoring server operation perennial, which will accumulate a lot of dust, he worked out the cleaning time of each device and remove dust for sever regular, effectively guaranteeing the normal operation of the device. The end of 2007, with the company's information technology progresses, the company's ERP system, OA system on the agenda, at the same time also need to improve the hardware equipments. In order to do a good job of hardware-based, he through online search and mutual comparison, in connection with some qualified distributors and conduct a unified tender, that will not only ensure the quality, save the money, but also to ensure that the service put in place. When the two systems run officially, all his thoughts are on the two system’s operations and management, Face difficulties, he often said: "Any difficulties, just thought can not be solved, and only hands-on to do, that can be successful. "In order to familiar with the operation of ERP systems and related processes, he went to all the workshops to learn from various posts instructors. In order not to delay the normal work, and whenever go to study, workshop colleagues are all admire his perseverance. For systems up and running, he paid a lot of, small-to-part purchase, large to equipment maintenance, he has hands and never ambiguous. this is his principle of doing things. He often said: "Young people should be marching forward despite difficulties."

In 2008, with the company's ERP system operation, the plant operating room need to access network, share network resources, he helped the leader purchasing for nearly 20 computers by bidding, and then rearrange the network lines. At that time, the height of summer, he and his colleagues under the scorching sun, only cost three days time to complete the installation and testing of all the computer work, watch their hands broken skin and dark faces emerge happy smile.

In July 2009, the company requested comprehensive rectification to the external network pages and features, Arranged for him to be specifically responsible for. He contact a number of web site operators, and to find out the some of the more powerful Web site companies, and carefully screening program. During of product, in order to strive for perfection, he was careful to improve patiently, sometimes, the developers and technical personnel are impatient, but he also reasoned and explained to them, and ultimately ensure the successful completion of the work.

 The work of information Center is a small, trivial, but he had never underestimate the importance of their work. "East of the dike was destroyed by the colony," the more small work need the more carefully, the more serious, Only in this way, that can be foolproof.

Young people have passion, but also be motivated. In addition to undertaken the complex work of information centerhe was also responsible for the work of the logistics branch mission. "People have to continue to progress, we must continue to learn, not learning should lag behind." He has actively organized various publicity activities to encourage young employees to participate, to improveto progress together. A person only if progress in terms of ideology, he can be progress at work, let us see in him a young person's style.

Because he was young, he has never fear, because the passionate enthusiasm, he never gave up. Despite yesterday's toil, but no regrets, because the sweat refracted light is always brilliant. He has been working hard, he firmly believes that a wonderful life needs watering of sweat, non-tempered do not shine, he is confident of creating their own glorious future.