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  90000 Village Fengpeng being held youthful glow shining

90000 Village Fengpeng being held  youthful glow shining

——star of month atmosphere unit HuangMin

 On the scene of atmosphere separate produced, he wearing a bright red helmet and holding walkie-talkie, directing them to open the valve orderly, organizing feeding, start running ... ... at the console next to the pump, there is always him, teach the new employees to adjust parameters, to draw attention to operational matters ... ... before going to Sichuan to assist opening atmosphere separate plant list, his name is always the one. He is the atmosphere separate Workshop leader Huang Min.

Before coming HuanYuan,Huang Min is a People's Armed Police, the strict discipline of military practices and experiences his determination of the character, decisive style of doing things and actively motivated character. After learning from JiNan Refinery 1998, he was assigned to the gas separation plant, has been a full decade. During this decade, he experienced the construction and open of small atmosphere unit to big atmosphere unit. exploration for many years, so that he trained in a competent and skillful and a valve for each device, each a pipe, he is very familiar, is the helper of workshop leader.

It is because of his superb business skills, in 2004, he as the first batch of foreign aid, marched Ningxia, to help Yanchi County open the gas separation unit. there is the opening production in the Hengyuan experience, he produced a pretty good idea of opening, as large as the arrangement of towers, small to a hotline with the direction of what kind of temperatures suitable for what kind of operating parameters, he has planning layout. Citation steam, sweeping lines, feeding, warming up ... ... He is very much at home. opening process is very well, however, he is only worried about his young children. Were days far from home, that is false of said don’t want to home, his wife called to say the child was sick, dream is still shouting "Daddy."Who are in a foreign land it is in every one dreams late at night, can hear the kids shouting "Daddy" sound, that always let him feel bad. At the same time, the body also appeared acclimatized, coupled with the different regional cooking styles are also different, he was not accustomed to eat, but when he remembered the great trust of the company leadership. He knew that he represented not only personal, behind him the entire company, to overcome feelings of homesickness overcome the lack of acclimatization, his two days and nights running in the device range, tower, tower, the platforms, pipelines have left him beside the sweat. Sweat is not in vain, he and colleagues took just 7 days Time, a new device to open up. His excellent business skills and professionalism has been winnedchairman of Ning Lu petrochemical high praise and with the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Comrade Chen Jianguo mayor posed for pictures, he used his own efforts proved Hengyuan's power and accomplishment. In 2007,2008, he also two times for Sichuan to assist in production, successfully completed the company’s all tasks, established the company’s good image.

 "Plum Blossom incense from the cold weather," as competent and skillful ability can not be achieved overnight, Huang Min refining business skills is coming his continuous efforts to learn day after day, year after year. Some praised him for his smart, he said: "It's not I clever, yes I knowthe early bird catches the worm." Indeed, he is a good use of time to learn bit by bit people. Being others speaking, he is reading, other people afraid of working, he believed that practice makes perfect. Some people have laughed his "silly", but it is this work's "Folly" Let him have made recovery of liquefied petroleum gas and other pump rationalization proposals, that save tens of thousand yuan for the company. Huang Min,

With their own actions to prove that the "Stupid  bird" Just wanted to "fly" also can fly very high.

When big atmosphere unit opening, the plant required three shifts, he run around for days and nights in the device area, everywhere can see his shadow. Steam sweeping lines, water, cleaning, test density, feed, adjusting the process ... ... what they have learned all came in handy at the moment, his hands constantly busy, the mouth is also directing the others are non-stop busy, but also precisely because of This constant of the "busy", only with the atmosphere producing smoothly and finished ahead of Expected. In the opening days of production, he is no time to wash face, drink water, nor the law of three meals a day, a few days off, he lost a good few catties, but the smile on his face was so sweet. 

In the workshop, he was a squad leader at the same time is a respectable teacher. atmosphere unit come more new employees in recent yearshow to make them as quickly as possible into his new role, independent working, Huang Min spend a great mind. In life, he's like a big brother to look after them. At work, he tirelessly to teach them search process and operation knowledges hands by hands. With his help, the new employee can operate independently in the shortest possible time, he is "mentoring" in the role of linking play an exemplary role.

Decade wind and rain, ten years Life experiences youth to shine in the honed in, he would like this beautiful prime time dedicated to the hearts of Hengyuan, just because hearts desire, is willing to Hengyuan more beautiful and splendid.