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  Youth gives us a glorious ambition and passion cast


【★Meiyueyixing ★】

Lingyun Zhi arouse the youth entrusted to cast lofty Hui

- Remember "Meiyueyixing" Chen De Bao property companies

We can not calculate how far along the path of life, but we can grasp is the journey every site, every person and every thing, every Road landscape. Him, young and vigorous, with his dedication and determination depicts the life of every section of scenery, with his wisdom and loyalty Hengyuan traditional Chinese ink brush painting masterpiece on, write down their heavy stroke.

Chen leopard, in 2006 graduated from the Shandong Vocational College of Water Conservancy Hydraulic profession, after graduating from Hengyuan property company, has served as infrastructure, construction workers, officers, etc., now the property's infrastructure classes squad leader, had participated in and chaired Heng Xin estate construction projects, Heng Xin residential sales and housing reform, as well as the child is willing Road, sales office building, the West Wall, Simon, quality buildings, the southern section of the child is willing, South factory walls, the South plant staff canteens, unions Stadium, Woven Factory Office Add layer of transformation and other construction projects.

The shortcut is to experience growth

Since he left the campus Hengyuan into the building, he would understand that a student has been turned on, even if you control no amount of theoretical knowledge in practical work can be put into futile. So he secretly told myself to be more brains at work, diligence, because only real experience of this process will subsequently grow bit by bit.

In May 2007, due to outstanding performance, working just over a year, he was appointed to the property's infrastructure classes squad leader, to be honest, when he was the pressure is great, but more is to work well and never let down confidence in the leadership of power. Sub-projects like road building is fully responsible for his first project, when are catching up with the height of summer, dazzling sun light in that dusty dirt road, is even more sinister, to enter the site a few days, he was bronzed backs have played a tan skin and everyone on the site quips: "Look Chen workers, had just arrived when it comes like a gentle little white face, just a few days, it becomes a 'black carbon head' of." Then he was always Han Han's smile, "As long as the quality and quantity of engineering completed on time and the value of nothing." Is relying on such a rigid, hard and firm, the child is willing to successful completion of road works on schedule, project quality has been leaders alike.

As we all know, the company in general duration of construction works are relatively tight, so overtime will become his bread and butter. By the end of 2008, shortly before the Spring Festival, and infrastructure classes at short notice, to backfill the south side of Three Mile Pond Village. 19 the twelfth lunar month, Liu Jiang construction team to enter the site began to dig wells; the twelfth lunar month 28, the south side of the well over, all the four Bay; just over end, the construction team immediately launched a rainfall, runoff, and to transfer land backfilling; backfill project began immediately after the Three Mile Village factory fence projects; in March, in the South plant south wall of the building has been completed, the South scripts like road construction works and protection works, followed by a start. In the protection works in direct river in order to ensure a quarter of dry river protection works in the April 1 before the successful completion of the runoff, he often added with the construction team to work overtime at night with eight or nine o'clock. In the quality inspection during the construction of the main floor, the construction team in order to keep things moving along, at night, pouring concrete, in order to ensure project quality, he was rushed to eat a few mouthfuls of work in the afternoon, after dinner, they also keep an eye on the site, but also a stare for an entire night. Sometimes construction program need to make changes to the company's actual situation, he a working day, overtime to the drawings drawn after the change, sometimes a painting on the painting in the evening ten or eleven points. Is one such, since to the infrastructure classes, overtime has become his habit, has nothing to do with his off-duty, exactly two years, he almost did not break off Sunday. Only more than 60 miles away from home, he, in addition to the Chinese New Year outside the time spent at home each time to go home in no more than two hours.

However, his efforts and pay have not been wasted, in the construction process of each project, he has a new experience and new growth. For two years, he was in management and technology has accumulated a wealth of experience, which will be subject to not use up all his life a valuable asset.

Days Gentleman to self-improvement

"Zhou Yi", saying: days Gentleman to self-improvement; terrain-kun, the gentleman should Virtuous. Today, rapid advancement in technology, you do not make progress one day, there may be others behind. Thus, in school, they take the first place to learn and to use spare time to learn who has passed the intermediate surveyor certificate, intermediate certificate budget posts. Since the work, especially since the infrastructure as a squad leader, he is more deeply aware of the importance of knowledge, and never let any one charge of the opportunities, and at their own expense to buy the house architectural engineering, surveying and other professional books, encountered understand, he went online to look for materials, checking Atlas, to ask their masters to the construction team of technical staff to learn, so that their expertise has been increasing.

Be successful in life is to create and innovation

Wang make life into a calm, tranquil water, and then tell ourselves: the poor of the office until the water goes, the cliffs flanking seek smooth sailing. Learning at work, he is also actively thinking and innovation, and how to minimize the maximum return on investment. For example, the staff cafeteria in the construction, he proposed to house the old warehouses of the old material to transform the use of aluminum alloy; in the child is willing to road subgrade treatment options, he has proposed a deal with smashed bricks piling construction, use of lime-soil compaction than they both cost-saving programs to ensure quality.

Carefully outlines the direction of flight

Growing up on the road, into Germany, career, sensitive study, Atsuyuki his direction. The end result of all belongs to the past, after the road but also his firm to move forward. In the future, it is believed that he would work harder to learn in order to arouse the youth cast Hengyuan infinite glory.

【Shandong Hengyuan Petrochemical Group, the Propaganda Department to provide】