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  ■ Hengyuan Petrochemical "Autumn degree of celebration welcoming all Win" 『I』 in the enterprise's growth story essay - a sigh - nice life!

■ Hengyuan Petrochemical "Autumn degree of celebration welcoming all Win" 『I』 in the enterprise's growth story essay --




Exclaimed one - nice life!

    In the journey of life, seeking only to rush to hurry forward, but not aware of this step in haste, the rings have been fast to turn full circle lap too fast people had a misconception: if one year only just beginning, blink of an eye Nama early autumn sun shining in his face again.

    Sitting in the window, watching the rising sun that round can not help but sigh at the time of the rapid passage of time. At any time, still if the bud Chuzhan youthful appearance of crow's feet have climbed the thin; is when, once the clear water of the Jinxian The eyes of emotions have been put into a calm confidence in the eyes of static if the seal ; again in any time, sinking, was the impetuous heart full of passion has been quietly serene, stoic, hearts filled with love for life ... ... years of hands on this autumn morning, a little ground has opened in the past makes me a myriad of thoughts ... ... blink of an eye, at Hengyuan Petrochemical work for more than ten years, come to think of the way bit by bit, remember. From a totally do not understand the professional skills of knowledge, step by step to the right to work became familiar, I know there will be a must for every No pain no gain. In this regard, the workshop predecessors had given me a lot of help. Mind the very beginning of their own work, Clueless, and the passive state, comparisons with the present, can not help but feel mixed feelings myself. Now, I work drop a little careless, a little more carefully; stripped anxiety, than in a stable; less of a depressed, more a sense of confidence ... ... along the way, looking back to see, footprints have been buried between the passers-by. Sweep aside the time the sand I found a little sparkling things, and sentiment, it is the growth of imprinting. Often from the heart to lament one - nice life!

    Closely related with our lives than is "safe" word of. In April this year, a company's safety education and training of all staff for giving me a deep feeling, into the company so long to experience the deepest, but also personally feel is the best business-to-safety attention. Whenever I see these bloody accident cases, I will have a faint heart pain, I know that pain in the blood ... ... the security for a particular industry like ours is very important, as it is about the production plant the stability of the operation; lies in the happiness and joy to millions of households; also because the safety of state property! Do not understand security, even if it is a small one valve can interrupt the normal operation of production equipment; If we ignore the security, even if only a small difference between an idea, we can make the lives of at-risk operation. It is "safe" It's the root of the string tension Hengyuan cause to playing with high-speed, rapid development trend, it is "safe" Let us go Hengyuan Petrochemical constantly grow and develop. However, in real life not everyone will understand this. Some people have a weak sense of safety, working in a typical sloppy, improvise, do not care, the security system, safety regulations forgotten. Some of them consumed by greed, their own interests, regardless of people's lives and property, so that examples of incidents across the country in recent years, communications are often seen. Analysis of the current security incidents, the vast majority of illegal operation, illegal command, caused by habitual violation. The root of all thinking in our sense of safety is still inadequate, always take it lightly! This is mainly reflected in several aspects: first, thinking and understanding of security is not in place, the actual action inconsistent; say more, do less, one-sided learning and examination of security is not enough. Second, the study is not enough, business is not fine; "Ban Gang water," the phenomenon of serious lack of job responsibility. Now by the large environmental impact, and many employees have become accustomed to work on the touch mahjong, Dou Dezhu, but seldom devote themselves to reading books. If everyone on the system are familiar with, all of them proficient in the business, so how many accidents to eliminate it in the bud!

    Every day, we are facing the sun, and accompanied by fresh dawn to work on high steel frame, the operation room is our battlefield, in this, and we heartily sway sweat, enjoying the pleasure of work. This is our most emotional moment; in the evening, we are wrapped in clouds, with a slightly tired drive back to warm the body home, eating dinner, a shower, go to bed one lie, you can imagine, this time, flowery The smile on your face would bloom, a day of fatigue, dark clouds are on the face of her family wiped out contentment. Requires a serious and responsible attitude of strict life need a sincere heart. Towards work, it is necessary meticulous, efficient strict standards; and approach to life, we want dedicated, cheerful, and learn to experience every aspect of life. Happy work experience will bring a true meaning of happy life. The passion of life comes from the sentiment of life; and moved from the bottom in the heart of the Smart. Sentiment is just like music, like notes to maintain a wonderful life, to inspire the humanity at the end of rhyme.

    I believe that a love of life, people would be trying hard to go to treat their work, only to safety and treat their own lives. Business is for every employee's home, I love my home! A sense of responsibility is the cornerstone, with the sense of responsibility, we can work better, a strong sense of responsibility to encourage and inspire us to work constantly strict demands on themselves, creating a another miracle. As the saying goes, "work hard only to do things right, intentions can be done to put things right." We must take the initiative to go to work, "to me" becomes "I do", so as to give full play to our sense of ownership in order for the company to create more value. Only from today, take the necessary action, even if only taken a small step forward in the near future, will achieve good returns.
    Person's life is like a marathon, everyone in the long-distance race course should establish their own goals in life, and then strive to achieve its objectives, in order to achieve its objectives and insisted on in the end. We will use the "heart" to work, so that the seeds of this passion burning in their passion, smiling face of life and really listen to the meanings of life, will open up in front of you and me beautiful and stunning flowers.


                                        This writer LiXiaoJing  Hengyuan Petrochemical plant oil】