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  ■ Hengyuan Petrochemical "Autumn degree of celebration welcoming all Win" 『I』 in the enterprise's growth story essay - Hengyuan, my home

■ Hengyuan Petrochemical "Autumn degree of celebration welcoming all Win" 『I』 in the enterprise's growth story essay --


                    Hengyuan, my home


    "I want a home, without a gorgeous place, in my tired, I think of it; I want a home, a place without much ... ..." At that time, every time to hear that The first song, I can not help but felt a pang in an upsurge of emotion.

   Since I have since married and lived with her in-laws, I would love more than brothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, along with grandparents, several generations live together, due to lifestyle and other differences, there are a number of inconvenience. Had never been seen recently married, I and my wife's biggest dream is to have a own house. Back to her family, when I was full of desire to put the idea to tell the buyers to listen to parents, the father's reaction to I still vividly remember, "buy a flat? Me and your mother worked hard rest of my life, just live on the buildings, wanted to buy a flat you have just married, what means you are buying is really talking nonsense! "My father's response has been very intense. "Now consumer attitudes are different, pay attention ahead of consumption." I said, "Some Americans are relying on loans to buy homes, to live on the first building, then gradually the loan, even just before death was also on the money, but to live a lifetime building , to enjoy a lifetime blessing. Which, like the Chinese, live frugally to save for a lifetime of money, but also affordable houses, and life, too, run, and did not enjoy a day of blessing. "My words have just finished one, saw his father angrily the big hand strokes, the stern said: "Do not talk to I say, you earn one month and that more than 500 pieces of money, how can the loan, when the time you will not even have to eat rice!" Yes ah, when the company's benefits bad, I only received 580 yuan a month the money, the father's fears are not unreasonable. However, from the depths of my heart that the desire for new homes feelings, but as the summer midday sun, as more and more stronger.

    Later, as a radical reform, the rapid development of enterprise growth, economic efficiency is also relatively doubled, to employees bring considerable economic income. Just two years time, I's wages had risen by more than 500 Bajiu Bai, coupled with costly monthly dividend dividends, such income at the time of this small town has been regarded as the high wages. At that time the opportunity to purchase just one, so I loved the first reported his name. Stubborn father, no matter how strong was the opposition, before I actually purchase payment, puts his hard-earned money accumulated under the twenty thousand, the first one sent to my hands. Mother told me, "your dad then oppose it pained you, afraid you had a good life does not last ah!" Father and daughter do not even mind, I am then why do not know!

    I finally moved into new houses, when the cold weather, collective heating, the temperature suitable, not only my young children to enjoy the blessing and I loved her in-laws also put together in the building received the winter. Mother were sleeping, said, "My son and his wife early in the morning say, sooner or later have to buy a flat, I also lived on the building, this does not really live in!"

   "Who would not want at home, but some people without it, his face tears in her eyes gently rub to fend for themselves ... ..." factory-hing, my wing, yes, Hengyuan, you have given me a happy home, I love Hengyuan, I love my home!


                                                                               [ PRC Qi Gao Xia]