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  ■ Hengyuan Petrochemical "Autumn degree of celebration welcoming all Win" 『I』 in the enterprise's growth story essay - eighteen years of housing change

■ Hengyuan Petrochemical "Autumn degree of celebration welcoming all Win" 『I』 in the enterprise's growth story essay --


             Eighteen years of housing change


In 1992, I was fortunate to be Hengyuan family members. October 12 the factory to the first day, then head of the line pipe to the text Tao received us warmly and immediately arranged to our dorm on the front of the old West, a few first laboratory, the west basketball court, in front of the staff canteen and the canteen, can be regarded as "prime." Just go to work can be assigned to a shelter, it is quite contented mind. Room was later to become new home of my wedding, the house although the low humidity of the points, but in my well despite losing to create "atmosphere" and warm. It also sets the living room, dining room, bedroom in one, and it can last a "multi-functional hall," the. 10 years have passed, it has lived for four years between the low-rise house is still in my mind is so clear and beautiful.

In 1996, is the fate of a major petrochemical Hengyuan turn. Ministry of Chemical Industry demanded the closure of one million tons / year following a small oil refinery, in order to retain a place in the market competition, we must expand the scale of oil refining. Development is the only panacea to save businesses, the company leadership after careful inspection and appraisals, and active decision to commence the financing of 200 thousand tons / year of heavy oil catalytic cracking, 45000 / t gas separation, the two devices at the same time started. This is due to the company to employees in the original acid plant built more than 70 households in two a House of Jia Shuyuan. Plant some staff relocation, I was lucky enough to assigned to a dream house. Moving the house when I had some well-furnished, living room, dining room, bedroom can be separated, thinking that there is such a shelter, this life suffice.

In 2001, Hengyuan Petrochemical in the new collective leadership under the leadership of bold reform and innovation, to a bankrupt company pulled back from the dead line, and the year to a new level, doubling taxes year after year, the rapid expansion of enterprise scale , so that the same industry with admiration. Increased income of the staff, quality of life has greatly improved. How to solve the housing status of employees, the issue before the proceedings of the company's leadership agenda. In 2004, the company's leadership anxious employees are anxious, like employees are thinking, decided to build a high quality, beautiful environment, set play, fitness, shopping, living in one of the Garden District, Linyi residential building aircraft carrier. This piece, I once again become the darling of luxury residential area, in July 2006, I have acceded to more than 120 square meters assigned to the Office of the Yang side of buildings. Son and niece in the room, popping, singing cheerful songs, have families to support Xiqianxinju immersed in the joy. Buildings designed with the most advanced surface-yang Hall Unit, living room and bedroom stand alone system, and makes the human design. Sitting in the living room sofa watching TV, enjoying the sun bathing, thoughts back to the old house imprint. The new house earlier low wet tower has long been the proliferation of machines roar. It has lived nine years between the two is also a small house and now high-rise aspect, patchwork, lakes, rippling. Neighborhood harmony, without exception, Taoyuan vivacious song and scene flourishing.

10 years, changes in the history of housing, it is Hengyuan the carrier brave the storms, Yong Li the forefront of the development history. Wang Hengyuan Industrial companies, is not one self-reliance, energetic and promising power source do?


                  【The author re-pay the Department of Atmospheric Hengyuan Petrochemical plant Jin Jiang】