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  ■ Hengyuan Petrochemical "Autumn degree of celebration welcoming all Win" 『I』 in the enterprise's growth story essay - Oral: My story of growing up in the enterprise

■ Hengyuan Petrochemical "Autumn degree of celebration welcoming all Win" 『I』 in the enterprise's growth story essay --



                       Oral: My story of growing up in the enterprise

    I have come to the company to work in 2000, when the company is very optimistic about the situation for the company's destiny and their own future, I am at a loss.

    am also very lucky because the new turn for the better in the second year after work came. Spring of 2001, the establishment of a new leadership, new leadership at the company carried out a bold reform: the external debt, rectifying the House; Capacity:, other posts, will be paid; of competition, elimination through selection system ... ... corporate leaders and employees together efforts, the company finally turn around, starting with the benefits. Every year thereafter, progress, Hengyuan Petrochemical finally ushered in its own spring.

   In 2002 I got married, because my husband and family are in rural areas, families are also not very good, so we all are starting from scratch. We rented two bungalows, simply bought several sets of furniture, be regarded as an home. At that time the two of us do not have high wages, living expenses are great, the monthly balance of rare, but where they spend money too much. "Poor and lowly people with misery," to make a living, we naturally missed quarrel subsided later time to discuss how to earn money to support their families. Even so, the poor economic situation, or did not change significantly.

    I remember I am pregnant Nazhen children, the unit covered employee housing, pay the down payment loan, after the rest of you can. I saw many young people like myself, have signed up, I am also eager to want to apply. But when my husband and I discussed the matter, he then poured cold water on me: "You thought not, when you are on maternity leave, we return it a loan?" At the time I was distracted there. Yes ah, our savings would have no more than receive only basic pay during maternity leave, saying that Boyd was also looking for something. But I still do not live up to expectations tears to flow down my heart how much ambition but not willing to ah.

    During maternity leave, me and the children would rely on the old home, because the elderly to help with children, living expenses, save a lot. Thanks to improved business conditions during the end of the year made a bonus, how many have also improved our lives. So I would like to work, put the child care in the old home, so I can feel at ease to work. But think of the child's feelings are getting stronger at home after work aboard ran more than 30 years traveling the route do not know how much back. I have always self-blame, Woliang incapable, children were followed Zaozui.

    I go to work soon, the unit also covers the building, this time I can not care so much decisively to report his name, and in one day to cobble together the down payment, and the rest of the section all the loan since then we have lived a long life of slave housing . A variety of flavors, only he knows. Two years later, the building built, we have finally moved into a new home. Despite the high floors, despite the utterly destitute, but for me it is a qualitative leap. With the family do not have to look at someone else's face. We took the child from the home, the family finally reunited, and we also give the children a home, a good growing environment. This is sufficient for me.

    Now my husband's wages have gone up a lot, plus dividend income, and our days will be over the more enjoyable.

    Along the way, bittersweet salty everything, life would perhaps have been more You Ziwei.

    always see it that way: a happy little family can not do without "everyone" development, only the "everybody" developed, "Little House" in order to be happy. Let us build our people Hengyuan "Everyone" and work together to bar!


                                    【This writer Hengyuan Petrochemical Catalysis a workshop teacher Hongfang】