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  ■ Hengyuan Petrochemical "Autumn degree of celebration welcoming all Win" 『I』 in the enterprise's growth story essay - take off the "horse"

■ Hengyuan Petrochemical "Autumn degree of celebration welcoming all Win" 『I』 in the enterprise's growth story essay --




                          Take off the "horse"

    This summer, the parents of a thousand miles away from his home to see me in。

    Day after dinner, we went for a walk, gently Accompanied by their parents, the arm out of the cell gate, along the way who spoke home, home things, the feeling is so kind. Came to wide Hengyuan Road, my father stopped, looked down his eyes, the opposite is the place I work 10 years - Hengyuan Petrochemical, in the touch of a touch of sunset, the faint pump in roar, lined with shiny tower group.

Beside the fence at the factory gate, we stopped, my father suddenly said: "This is your factory door to do the horse do?" "What horse?" I did not react, 1:00. "Is the golden horse Pegasus!" Father explaining. Oh, I think of it, the father refers to the stands before the gate of that statue, like Pegasus. I am 97 years of work, the second year parents to Linyi, and when the door is now two petrochemical plants east gate, in front of a Road, bumps and hollows, the north is a slide cottage, the south plant offices, the door to spot mottled lighter, appear plain, and out of factory very arbitrary, I was living in single quarters in plant Lane (now hydrogenation location), the mother say the sentence: "This is what you plant 呀 ... ..." My brother and sister both in the petrochemical sector, Dian Ledian must have the mother from the bottom of my heart, I feel a bit empty word quoted letters from home, and suddenly pulled my hand, as if the number of daughters wronged like. My father saw a rise of being in front of a small flower bed in the middle column unexpected day, the sky, on top of a golden horse head held high, like a step in the clouds on the sky, forelegs bent, hind legs prance, Yun-set with infinite power to make over the volley-like, the following Writing "off" the word "good horse off a horse!" Father tut praise. Later, see my bold and respectable master and enthusiasm amiable roommate, the parents seems to have set his mind to leave, and I photographed the parents are still the factory's gate, like, behind that is that the higher the empty Ling Pegasus.

    Time flies, an instant Twelve years later, Hengyuan has undergone enormous changes. Device expansion projects have increased, plant were extended to the surrounding living area and production area into one of modern office building stands north, the south plant colorful squares, twists and turns kiosk Road, Din Din pound, water truck springs Now the doors have either gone eastward expansion over 200 meters tall on the door-ying, "Shandong Hengyuan Petrochemical Group" 10 characters Qiu Jin powerful and two majestic lions protecting the big defensive sides, I am proud to put all this great Hengyuan change to tell his father, and said: "The horse off the horse in our Hengyuan, you see, that inside ... ..." Mother smiled and said: "Look, you are beautiful, I know you better than before 啦 plant to see Your living quarters, there are bridges of water, buildings, ah, wide and bright, the factory with poor performance, staff welfare would be so high? "My father laughed and said:" We are still in the factory's gate, according to Zhang like it, go home to you Gejie see, unfortunately, can not be shining on a horse. "comfortable watching their parents smile, I laugh, and off the Mayong Li Hengyuan over.


                                          【The author measured the Department of Hengyuan Petrochemical Center Yang Bi】