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  ■ Hengyuan Petrochemical "Mid-Autumn degree of celebration welcoming the whole Win" 『I』 in an enterprise's growth story essay - "Room" geo -

Hengyuan Petrochemical "Autumn degree of celebration welcoming all Win" 『I』 in the enterprise's growth story essay --




                  "Room" geo -

    Initially, before the arrival of our enterprises are not many new recruits, since 1997, have a new, young officers stationed in business. We are a group of three dozen people, in the face of so many staff accommodation issues, corporate contacted Linyi hotels, will we all placed down. The room environment or good, there are four beds, there are two fans, the corridor's health is quite clean, but is such a good environment, we still feel bad the day before, reason is that a hotel of the "water" .

"Instant noodles do not salt the next bubble!" Roommate said humorously.

Indeed, later I go back to school to participate in graduation, when students Dai Ledian Linyi to the "water" taste after they unanimously wanted me to open a "salt." But later, the company learned of this, contact them for us free of charge with a fountain, to the cable TV was also unified and installed it!

    In 2006, we have massive south, came to the camp schools in Linyi computer, feel the environment here is much better than the hotels, dormitories are new, but also free bathing, eating here are canteens, nearly from the enterprises, and in the school playground will play outside the play, life is not comfortable in general ah! In this way here, after a period of "fairy days", and finally the factory for our new apartment buildings are completed, and bedroom with a bathroom inside, or, the four of us in a hostel, than the original computer school has a number of spacious, but also With a true sense of the balcony, and Yousheng for the first time to spend a lift of the drying rack, fresh! Large bright windows, balconies, convenient storage cabinets, there are far the most thoughtful one thing - each of us are free to use an enterprise is equipped with new coir mattresses, and school age child for the old pad of a downright "Farewell."

    Since we have our own home, my "hostel life" also even if the can thoroughly to an end. The face of a spacious house, the moment I do not know how to delight, hastens to buy some furniture to filling the space tidy room. Marriage had never been seen, the only home appliance that is that color TV, thanks to his wife, understanding, that good and so save some money and then buy more.

    A year later, the room was finally empty plug was full to the brim ... ...


                                        【The author Propaganda Department Hengyuan Petrochemical Sun Ying River】