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  Firm conviction and tireless efforts in perpetuating

【★Meiyueyixing ★】

Thin shoulder level Shu dares ask the belief that flowery bloom

Su-hand-long tapestry is willing to let the clean water to this stream

              - Remember "Meiyueyixing" Sewage treatment plant LIU Xiu-e

Spring harvest, and earth, chest spreads colorful harvest scroll; Chunhua Qiushi, seasonal flows between the eyebrows look too high-spirited; Chunchao Qiu Lu, Hengyuan land of song singing a song of loyalty to a selfless dedication. Poem of the season is always easy to wash excited Yuet true inner feelings, curiosity lead us to 11 read the lens goes on Zhang strange and familiar faces, and then freeze-frame in one person: white face, thin body, simple smile. She is the sewage treatment plant LIU Xiu-e, is also a member of the Company's plant security the only woman.

    To work since 1994 there have been 17 years, LIU Xiu-e from the front-line staff to the storekeeper, the team leaders and shop attendant, along the way, go practical and robust. In this life, the best of seventeen years, she has been engaged in sewage treatment. Eyes open every day, dirty, tired and trivial matters on the 11 in front of us. Some former colleagues during the tired, tired, gone, she was the only one thousand, as always, silence is 17 years. Conscientious, diligent and faith in the tenacity and loyalty to broadcast into the soul secretly planted bloom into a corner Naduo modesty flowers, as her face was a blur of ever driving a simple smile, Dan Ding and fragrant.

    2004 master plan based on unit needs, the company in Southern District, expansion of the sewage treatment system started. As a running squad leader, LIU Xiu-e positive response from the leadership of deployment, every effort to assist the project construction, from the process view, improve and transform the material requisitioned from the store, the replacement and so on; she often worked overtime stare at the construction site, and was responsible for the project depth exchange of technical personnel. Machinery rumbling, voice loud, soft-spoken, she had to speak a few days off, hoarseness, throat swelling, pain, Quesihaowei have been affected by her work enthusiasm.

    It is precisely because Liu Xiu'e's dedication and outstanding achievements, she was awarded many times by the company's "advanced individuals", and in November 2006 was transferred to duty in charge of workshop equipment and safety, participate in the daily management of the workshop. Since Thanksgiving, she is good at more stringent demands on themselves, with a hundred times the leadership of a dedicated feedback appreciated. In the Device Manager and workshop experience in the work of the nature of fragmentation, has gradually worked out of his own work: meticulous, rigorous, step by step, will workshop all equipment seriously and carefully re-inventory, organize, check into the accounting, and a sound improved its data and information to prepare for repair replacement access to timely and accurate manner. Today, the sewage treatment plant of 76 units moving equipment, 58 sets of equipment and more than 10,000 meters static pipeline backs of their hands in her mouth. More relevant for the accumulation of knowledge, enhance their overall capacity in September 2008, Liu Xiu'e companies to take full advantage of training opportunities to the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau took part in the training and study high-level operating facilities, and the province wide-ranging exchanges with industry experience in sewage treatment technology , and successfully obtained a "green facility accreditation" certificates. It is her tireless efforts made in recent years, various equipment shop sustained, long-term, good to function, in order to pass effluent discharge standards laid a strong foundation.

    As the company's only female security officers, and one of the few female Attendant, LIU Xiu-e need to put more energy than their male comrades and effort. She continues to develop, improve plant emergency plan, it is also regularly organizes emergency drill accident, so in a crisis situation comes, everyone is busy but not chaotic response to resolve. In August 2009 of that heavy rain, just LIU Xiu-e on duty around 0:00 at night rainstorm flooded Hengyuan overwhelming calm. Connaught large sewage farm area, an instant runoff were all filled, she and two colleagues in accordance with the usual exercises, as apart from anything else rushed Piaopo the rain curtain, shuttling back and forth at 1 meter depth of water, raincoats soaked , and rain rapidly hit your face and was breathing with some difficulty, they entrust with each other, echoing the, holding wrench to operate a skilled and flexible. After a night of fighting, and finally makes the deal more than a dozen pool had an overflow occurs; makes the rain did not last long deposition to ensure the smooth production workshop rain to clear; ensure the normal operation of pump operation; more guaranteed qualified sewage emissions.

    Throughout, companies are advocating "not to sacrifice the interests of future generations the economic development of contemporary human" spirit, Liu Xiu'e stick with this principle has been hard at work, she patiently to collect, collate information on all aspects, from the inspection to observe the , from the debug to the record, every link carefully, careful, patient, never half-hearted. "Sewage treatment is away from the conscience of the most recent occupation," which is her regular and colleagues say. Thus, often the last one standing on the treatment process Ikegami, looking after themselves and their colleagues for their hard and clean emissions, qualified water, she was always conceal my delight. For her, and sometimes family members will say: "busy, busy, at home pretty soon, do not see your silhouette." She listened to the silent, his face is still a faint smile was wiped away. This smile is for the family with her a heartfelt guilt, but also with her about their beliefs in a Bi Flows persist.